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My HQG1C want list Plus other MLP wants! Empty My HQG1C want list Plus other MLP wants!

on Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:48 am
I love all of the HQG1C ponies and I am hoping to collect each one!
I am trying very VERY hard to get one of every single pony made but I know it will be difficult to get any of the ponies I missed before I found out about them  Shocked

My current HQG1C Wish List (includes future releases listed on check list)
Glitter Island

Playful Babies
Tipper (stack toy)
_Blue Flocked

Zipper (toy car)
_Pink Flocked
_Yellow Flocked

Nipper (teething ring)
_Green Flocked
_Blue Flocked

Farmer Boys
_Mushroom(Name TBA)
_Watermelon (Name TBA)
_Citrus (Name TBA)

Date Night
_Honey Hearts
_Star Struck
_Love Boat

Ice Cream Soda Social:
_Mint Chipper
_Orange Dream
_Keylime Surprise
_Cherry Fizz

Limited Release
_1.0 Glow _2.0 Regular

Glitter Blanks
Pegasus Baby - White Sparkle Blank - Custom
I think that is it for now. Will update once new ponies are released!

Original G1 My Little Pony
::My Little Pony Checklists::
U. S. Ponies

Year 2
Sea Ponies
___Seawinkle      __Shell
___Sealight          __Shell
___Wavedancer  __Shell

Year 3
Rainbow Ponies

Sea Ponies
___Sea Breeze     __Shell
___High Tide         __Shell
___White Cap        __Shell
___Wave Jumper   __Shell
___Sea Mist           __Shell
___Sand Dollar      __Shell

Baby Sea Ponies
___Splasher           ___Float
___Backstroke       ___Float
___Sea Star           ___Float
___Surf Rider         ___Float
___Tiny Bubbles    ___Float
___Sea Shimmer  ___Float

Year 4
So-Soft Ponies
___Bouncy *
___Skippety Doo *
___Heart Throb *
___Cherries Jubilee*
___North Star *
___Wind Whistler *
___Ribbon *
___Cupcake *
___Truly *
*These I do own but looking for display quality ponies. Mine are missing most of their flocking already.

Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies
___Surf Rider          ___Float
___Sea Shimmer   ___Float
___Sunshower        ___Float
___Water Lily          ___Float
___Beachcomber   ___Float
___Ripple                ___Float

Megan and "So-Soft" Sundance Set
___Megan (purple dress)
___Sundance (So Soft)

Year 5
Princess Ponies and  Bushwoolies
___Princess Tiffany
___Princess Royal Blue
___Princess Starburst
___Princess Serena
___Princess Primrose
___Princess Sparkle
___Friendly (blue)
___Hugster (green)
___Eager (dark pink)
___Wishful (purple)
___Cheery (pink)
___Chumster (yellow)

Big Brother Ponies

Twinkle Eye Ponies

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Pony
___Wavy                   __Float
___Surfy                   __Float
___Sea Spray         __Float
___Dipper               __Float
___Sea Breeze      __Float
___Salty                  __Float

So-Soft Ponies

Newborn Twins

Slumber Party Gift Pack
___Pillow Talk
___Pink Dreams
___Sleepy Head
___Sleep Tight

Soft Sleepy Newborns
___Sweet Dreams
___Pink Dreams  

Twice As Fancy Ponies
___Milky Way

Flutter Ponies
___Tropical Breeze
___Wind Drifter
___Wing Song
___Cloud Puff

Pony Friends

Year 6
Twice As Fancy Ponies
___Night Glider

Brush 'n Grow Ponies
___Braided Beauty
___Twisty Tail
___Pretty Vision
___Curly Locks

Princess Ponies
___Princess Pristina
___Princess Sunbeam
___Princess Misty
___Princess Taffeta
___Princess Moondust
___Princess Dawn

Newborn Twins
___Big Top

Big Brother Ponies

Happy Tails Ponies

Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies
___Baby Noddins
___Baby Sweet Stuff
___Baby Snippy
___Baby Ribbs
___Baby Whirly Twirl
___Baby Grafitti

Magic Message Ponies
___Cloud Dreamer
___Mirror Mirror
___Magic Hat

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies
___Foamy                    ___Float
___Misty                      ___Float
___Sealight                ___Float
___Wave Dancer      ___Float
___Seashore             ___Float
___Seawinkle            ___Float

Summer Wing Ponies
___Lady Flutter
___High Flier
___Little Flitter
___Sky Dancer

Sweetberry Ponies
___Boysenberry Pie
___Raspberry Jam
___Blueberry Baskets
___Cherry Treats
___Strawberry Surprise
___Cranberry Muffins

Pony Friends
___Cha Cha

Year 7
Merry Go Round Ponies
___Flower Bouquet
___Brilliant Blossoms
___Diamond Dreams

Candy Cane Ponies
___Mint Dreams
___Sugar Sweet
___Sugar Apple
___Caramel Crunch
___Lemon Treats

Sunshine Ponies
___Sea Flower
___Wave Runner

Perfume Puff Ponies
___Sweet Suds
___Daisy Sweet  
___Red Roses
___Dainty Dahlia
___Lavender Lace
___Sweet Lily

Baby Fancy Pants Ponies
___Baby Bows
___Baby Sunnybunch
___Baby Dots 'n Hearts
___Baby Glider
___Baby Splashes
___Baby Starburst

Dance 'n Prance Ponies
___Tap Dancer

Loving Family Ponies
___Daddy Bright Bouquet
___Mommy Bright Bouquet
___Baby  Bright Bouquet
___Daddy Apple Delight
___Mommy Apple Delight
___Baby  Apple Delight
___Daddy Sweet Celebrations
___Mommy Sweet Celebrations
___Baby  Sweet Celebrations

Windy Wing Ponies
___Cool Breeze
___Moon Jumper
___Starry Wings

Playtime Baby Brothers
___Baby Countdown
___Baby Drummer
___Baby Leaper - Looking for Mint in Box
___Baby Waddles
___Baby Paws
___Baby Racer

Princess Brush 'n Grow Ponies
___Glittering Gem
___Star Gleamer
___Brilliant Bloom

Newborn Ponies

Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals
___Baby Stripes
___Baby Nectar
___Baby Lucky Leaf
___Baby Leafy
___Baby Pockets
___Baby Hoppy
___Baby Fleecy
___Baby Woolly

Sweetheart Sister Ponies
___Spring Song
___Wild Flower
___Frilly Flower
___Fancy Flower

Year 8
Rainbow Curl Ponies

Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies
___Baby Snookums
___Baby Flicker
___Baby Rainfeather
___Baby Cuddles

Sweet Steps Ballerina
___Tip Toes
___Silky Slipper
___Posey Rose
___Twinkle Dancer

Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister
___Sweet Sundrop
___Pretty Belle
___Cha Cha
___Daisy Dancer

Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies
___Bright Night

Sparkle Baby Ponies
___Baby North Star
___Baby Firefly
___Baby Gusty
___Baby Starflower

Christmas Pony
___Merry Treat

Year 9
Glow 'n Show Ponies
___Happy Glow
___Star Glow
___Dazzle Glow
___Bright Glow

Pretty Ponies
___Flower Dream
___Rosey Love

Precious Pocket Ponies
___Li'l Pocket
___Sweet Pocket
___Bunny Hop

Rockin' Beat Ponies
___Pretty Beat

Baby Rainbow Ponies
___Baby Starbow
___Baby Rainribbon
___Baby Brightbow
___Baby Sunribbon

Baby Ballerina Ponies
___Baby Tippytoes
___Baby Toe Dancer
___Baby Sweetsteps
___Baby Soft Steps

Secret Surprise Ponies
___Secret Star
___Secret Beauty

Teenie Tiny Newborn Ponies
___Little Tabby
___Little Whiskers
___Little Honey Pie
___Little Giggles

Princess Ponies
___Princess (pink)

Year 10
Colorswirl Ponies

Sundazzle Ponies

Teeny Tiny Twins

Sweet Talkin'

Soda Sippin' Ponies
___Chocolate Delight
___Strawberry Scoops

Sweet Kisses Ponies
___Happy Hugs
___Ruby Lips
___Lovin' Kisses

Birthday Pony
___Birthday Pony

Fancy Mermaid Ponies
___Baby Pearly
___Baby Sea Princess
___Baby Sea Shimmer

Will post G2 and up after I type out the checklist! Most of my G2 ponies are on card so I would love any loose ponies for my kids to play with! The same goes for G3, my kids love the ones with the magnet still in the foot!

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My HQG1C want list Plus other MLP wants! Empty Re: My HQG1C want list Plus other MLP wants!

on Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:41 am
You may post all generations and even other toys you’re looking for. Smile
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