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Did You Ever See A Blonde Majesty? Empty Did You Ever See A Blonde Majesty?

on Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:39 am
Did you ever see a blond majesty?

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Well, now you have! And two of them, at that.

I recently got these 2 strangers in on a lot of baity ponies for fixing up. I needed the pose for my project but asked for them specifically so that I could determine just what's going on with their hair.

And, it turns out, it really is original, not a rehair, and it really is that pale yellowish color. If you pull their heads off and look inside, there's a bare-minimum of pale pale greenish blue and the hair is machine-done inside.
Also notice the eye color. One has cornflower blue the other a middle blue but Majesty eye is always supposed to be purple. So it's odd to see that the eye will fade but the glitter won't.

Did someone do it deliberately?
Was it an accident?
Exactly what did it take to get the hair to do that? I've never once seen a blue pulled up all the way to odd yellow.
It won't last: I washed them (They were dirty too of course as is natural with baits) but the hair is super brittle. It crackles apart so you probably can't even brush it. It's thoroughly sun-rotted out & to do anything with them it would have to just be cracked off and removed.

But I wanted to show them before doing any customizing or the hair crumbles away because they are interesting to see.
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